Ipsiom is an up-and-coming Dubstep producer who is already making serious moves. The Windsor, Canada-based artist caught the eye of melodic mastermind Ace Aura for his first-ever release, where the two collaborated on Chime‘s Rushdown Records label.

Releasing in the past off of huge labels like Subsidia, Most Addictive, and, of course, the color bass fueled Rushdown Records, Ipsiom is stepping up to the plate for another huge tune and you better bet it’s another home run.

“NEOPLANKTON” is the melodic dubstep producer’s newest effort and it truly smacks. Employing that future riddim style that has blown up over the past year or so, this bangin’ Dubstep tune has already received support from names like Modestep, Papa Khan, and TRVCY.

Featuring soothing buildups paired with ethereal, yet complex drops, this tune is a great addition to any Future Riddim/Melodic Dubstep fans libraries, as well as an amazing addition to Ipsiom’s quickly growing discography. Here’s what he had to say about his new track:

“The process of creating this song was challenging. I wanted to set the stage for a post-apocalyptic, decaying, unpopulated yet technologically advanced world. The name of the song is my imagination of a piece of hardware technology navigating through this world. The drop of the song reflects this with the many glitchy yet calculated sounds that play throughout, almost like a robot talking or communicating. This song would be considered a mix of dubstep and freeform, a dark journey throughout.” – Ipsiom

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