The Australian DJ/Producer, Marauda, has a very eclectic background. At the age of seventeen, he was making his first dubstep song under the name Mastadon. When things got serious and his music started to become a success, he eventually changed his moniker to Marauda. Since then, the producer has seen his music released on major labels such as Never Say Die and Disciple and his career has skyrocketed.

Marauda recently played at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival and showed the crowd that heaviness he always brings. He has upcoming sets at Excision’s Bass Canyon later this month and Lost Lands the next month that will be extremely pleasing for any and all headbangers attending. 

When he is not busy producing music and crushing DJ sets, he started his own imprint to spotlight others called Malignant Music. The producer started the label back in 2019 and has released two compilations since then. Malignant Vol. 1 and Malignant Vol. 2 both showcase upcoming producers and established producers alike in the dubstep scene. Featuring absolute goliaths of tracks from Aweminus, Papa Khan, Hukae, Guppi, and more, it’s good to know that someone like Marauda also has his head on straight in terms of keeping tabs on fellow modern tearout dubstep up and comers.

This time around, Marauda is back with a vengeance with his newest single “That Marauda Song.” As the producer always does, he packs a painstaking punch with this one. The single boasts powerful stabs and incredible bass that will surely get both your heart and feet moving. This is a heavy hitter and I think that Marauda always brings something fresh and energetic to the dubstep scene. 

If you thought Marauda’s single was a smash, let us know down in the comments below!

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