The perfect melodic collaboration is here! Adventure Club and Nurko will have your eyes blinded by tears with their newest single “Color Blind!” 

Adventure Club has been well-known in the electronic music world for many years, especially for their outstanding dubstep sound and popular remixes. The Grammy-nominated duo has released Top 40 hits such as “Crash”. One of their biggest tunes is their remix of Crave You” by Flight Facilities. That epic remix currently has over thirty-seven million streams on SoundCloud and it’s a track that we all still love to hear live at their shows to this day.

They have played major festivals, gone on tours, and collaborated with many different artists across the EDM stratosphere. Adventure Club is always on the move with new music, giving fans exactly what we want to hear. They are currently working on their second album titled Love // Chaos. They recently unveiled the tracklist of their upcoming album on their Instagram story which showed collaborations with Krewella, Blanke, Kaivon, ARMNHMR, HALIENE plus more. Their sophomore album already sounds like every melodic dubstep fan’s dream and we are counting down the days until its release date! 

“Color Blind” starts with a delicate future bass introduction followed by Dayseeker’s powerful vocals hitting your heart deep in your feelings. The lyrics are pure and honest, outlining a romantic relationship that blinds you from everything. You can hear the emotion in the single of wanting this not-so-perfect relationship to work no matter what. It’s a sad love story and when you add Nurko and Adventure Club’s touch to the track, it becomes an emotional escape for everyone listening. The switch-ups and the drops beautifully align with the vocals, leaving you wanting more once it’s over. This collaboration is a stunning addition to their second album and we can’t wait for what’s next!

Here is what Adventure Club, Nurko, and Dayseeker had to say about “Color Blind ” :

“One of our favorite dream collaborations to date. We absolutely love everything Nurko has been releasing, pushing melodic bass boundaries. Dayseeker is currently one of our favorite bands, so we’re completely honored to have Rory contribute his incredible vocals.Adventure Club

“I’m so excited about ‘Color Blind.’ Adventure Club are absolute legends in the scene and a big inspiration for me so working with them is a dream come true. Dayseeker’s voice is absolutely incredible so I wanted to make sure it was used as a lead in the drops. ‘Color Blind’ is about a person that you love, and even though things may get bad, and you see red flags, you are blind to them and continue to focus on the good, hoping the negativity eventually gets better.” – Nurko

“‘Color Blind’ is about an old flame that I was once really attached to. I wrote about how you can see red flags and just completely ignore them when you’re seeing all these other things to love about a person.” Dayseeker

Was “Color Blind” the emotional escape you needed? Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials!

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