Dropkick is an up-and-coming bass producer who has been making waves in the scene as of late. He’s collided with fellow up-and-comers like Smokestax and DeemZoo for massive bangers in the past and has also played festivals like Big Dub and Wonderland.

He’s also provided direct support in the past for huge names like Trampa, Yheti, Freddy Todd, Eazybaked and loads more. Dropkick is well-known for blurring the lines between genres like Dubstep, Glitch-Hop, R&B, Funk and more into his signature sound, which is sure to take over the bass world any day now.

Today, the Clearwater, FL artist is bringing fans an early taste of his upcoming album. We had the chance to premiere his new single, “From The Mountains”, out now. This fresh new cut features a stunningly beautiful intro, entrancing the listener with every note. It eventually morphs into an eccentric, stank-face-inducing banger that is sure to break both hearts and necks. Featuring nasty, diabolical bass, this new bop is a must-add to any basshead’s playlist!

His album, Arrows, drops this Friday and we are amped to see what’s next for Dropkick. Here’s what he had to say about the upcoming full-length project:

“Some of these songs are hard for me to listen to, some bring me immense joy, some are just fun, but that’s how life works, taking you in all kinds of directions. That’s why I named this album Arrows, because just like life, an arrow can point in any direction. For me, this album is a reminder to stay focused on what you love, to create something unique in this world that only you can create. Your experiences and influences create your unique perspective. No matter what direction life’s taking you in, if you keep your mind and heart focused on your bigger goal, you’ll never veer off course.” – Dropkick

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