The saxophone wizard himself has unleashed one of his most-anticipated singles. After I first heard GRiZ play “Feel No Pain” at GRiZmas this past year, I knew the track would be an essential addition to his discography. The single features classic GRiZ saxophone and a funky beat that eventually gives way to a masterfully-crafted variable bassline.

Right on brand for GRiZ, “Feel No Pain” features an uplifting albeit simplistic message. He calls back to the classic Bob Marley lyric, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” The intro and bridge are filled with Grant’s usual positive quips, namely “It’s a love thing, baby.” The track’s bassline is noticeably funkier than most tracks from Rainbow Brain while retaining a heavy dubstep structure. This is a banger certain to get the people moving and grooving.

GRiZ is coming off arguably one of his biggest performances. His two sets at Ranch Arena at Electric Forest were some of the best all weekend. He has achieved rockstar status as he packs venues and festival crowds wherever he goes. He constantly uses his platform to positively impact his community. Whether advocating for reproductive rights or just preaching about love and acceptance at his events, GRiZ has become a role model for many in the community. He has a very packed festival schedule before throwing his own event, Triple Rainbow in Wisconsin, in September.

Does this new track from GRiZ have you groovin’? Let us know in the comments!

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