Hydraulix has been cranking out the hits as of late, all efforts from his upcoming debut album, coming soon off Wakaan. Today’s release is a bit different. It’s a Drum and Bass slapper and channels Hydraulix’s energy from infectious past DnB releases like “Spanner” and “Cheer Squad”, both also released off Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan label.

On the new single “Wrench”, Hydraulix is recruiting an electronic music legend. The Circus Records labelhead and Dubstep pioneer Doctor P is hopping on the final single off of Hydraulix’s upcoming album and the results of this collision course are INSANITY! With hits under his belt like “Sweet Shop”, “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, “Tetris” and some of the other biggest anthems in the Dubstep world, it’s no surprise these two made an absolute gem.

“Wrench” brings listeners back into that DnB soundscape yet again and it’s like entering the cockpit of a formula one car racing through the hills of Europe. Fueled by maniacal drums and haunting synths, this is yet another banger to add to Hydraulix’s absolute artillery of firepower originals.

Here’s what Hydraulix had to say about the fifth and final single form his upcoming Imposter Syndrome album, out September 7th.

“ I started working on this track around the same time I was working on ‘Spanner’ and was touring America at the time, staying in Texas with my US booking agent Balash. It was always a track I wasn’t too sure where to take or what to do with it, it felt like it needed more. So I shared this with one of my inspirations in bass music, the legend Doctor P and he was keen to jump on it and I knew this is what it had been waiting for!” – Hydraulix

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