If you need a song that will make you want to break rails and start a mosh pit then this is it. Excision and Kai Wachi give all dubstep lovers “Demisaur,” the newest release on Subsidia Records! 

Dubstep king Excision brings us another epic collab and this time it’s with Kai Wachi. Excision is known for bringing all headbangers together with his music, his Subsidia label, and his two bass-focused festivals Bass Canyon and Lost Lands. He has collaborated with many popular dubstep producers over the years, ranging from Downlink to Dion Timmer to Illenium over the years, and this new single with Kai Wachi is one that we knew would be a hit.

Kai Wachi, who has toured with the Canadian masked trio Black Tiger Sex Machine and is on their label Kannibalen Records, released his first album Demigod in 2019 and continues to bring the bass community more and more bangers! They will be playing this newest collaboration at Bass Canyon this weekend and if you are going to Lost Lands be prepared to hear it there too. Catch Kai Wachi on his newly announced tour Muscleville, named after his recent June 2021 EP, as well as Excision at his Halloween show named Haunted Souls in New York, alongside SLANDER, Space Laces, and Sippy.

Ever since they announced the name “Demisaur”, everyone knew that it would be powerful and heavy, just like most of their work. Picture yourself in prehistoric times, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but then add some heavy dubstep and new dinosaurs that have morphed into robot machines that welcome you into a new age. That is what goes through your head when you listen to “Demisaur.”

The introduction builds up slowly with nature sounds and beastly roars, setting the dark tone followed by drops that make you want to just go wild. The lyrics hype you up, giving you the strength to take down anything in your way, even the dinosaurs named in the track.

Here is what Excision and Kai Wachi had to say about “Demisaur” via Twitter.

Does “Demisaur”  make your neck sore from headbanging? Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials! We hope you liked this one as much as we did.

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