With a passion for powerful bass and gritty leads, Flozone returns with another heavy hitter single. He has had an incredibly productive year, releasing multiple singles with the Wubaholics family and taking part in their takeover at Sound Haven.

He strikes the perfect balance between fluidity and aggression, creating massive tracks that effortlessly flow through listeners’ ears. He has a collection of flips from artists such as Pitbull, Fergie, and more pop names that put the perfect bass spin on some of your favorite throwback tracks.

Dubbed “Break“, this latest track deviates from his typical sound slightly to highlight different influential stylistic components, while still staying true to his roots. He describes it in his own words:

“Break is all about the sound design. A ‘break’ from my usual style of producing that carries constant energy throughout the track and showcases some of the styles that inspire me” – Flozone

The intro begins with a siphoned synth, then starts slowly building up with more and more intensity, until it breaks down into deep synth-fuelled bass beats. The track moves with a calm but deliberate severity, utilizing a variety of electronic components without overstimulating the listener.

The second drop adds to this ideal with punchy kicks to complement the pounding bassline. It contains signature bass elements with a grungier spin, flowing together brilliantly to create the perfect end of summer banger.

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