Flume is back.

We’ve been holding on for quite some time now. Speechless and sleepless, patiently waiting for Flume’s next move. The time has finally come, as we receive the Aussie producer’s first release in over a year.

Leaving us on edge since his latest remix to Eiffel 65‘s “Blue”, Flume returns with another flip of pure vitality. The new release is an official rework to Danny L Harle’s On A Mountain”. The track comes from Harle’s alter ego effort, DJ Danny, debuted on his latest album, “Harlecore”.

The remix is beautiful. Flume has re-planted his style while tending to his roots. The track enhances his future bass sound with ethereal waves of glitchy synths melded together with “Hi This Is Flume” percussions. The way he is able to liquefy a vocal flow into a rush of ecstasy is breathtaking. It’s something wonderful. It’s a masterpiece. It’s what we’ve been missing all year, and now it’s got us itching for more.

Flume’s newest album has been tweeted into existence after teasing some Zawada visuals of his latest NFT. We have no name for the album, we have no release date, all we know is that it’s coming. But for now, sit back and dissolve with this new remix on repeat.

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