Superproducer Flume is back with his latest single “Sirens” featuring the beautiful vocals of Caroline Polachek.

Flume was and is one of the biggest names in Electronic Music and for good reason. He is without a doubt one of the most innovative producers to grace the Electronic domain and as such he has commanded massive festival bookings and hype around each new release for years. In 2022, he announced that he would be releasing an album with the debut of his first single, Say Nothing” and unsurprisingly, it was well-received by fans worldwide.

As a producer, he has never been predictable and that leads to insane hype around any new release. Whether it is the 2020 remix of “Blue” or his left-field mixtape “Hi This Is Flume”, he’s always carved out his own lane and that makes this new album something we’ve had both eyes on at Heard It Here First. While he has mixed up his sound over the years, something that remains a staple of any Flume track is the ability to get the most out of powerful vocal performances and mix it in seamlessly with his iconic synth-heavy compositions.

Sirens” is the latest example of Flume’s innovative and fresh sound. To start, he’s partnered with Caroline Polacheck and has allowed her haunting and melancholic vocals to shine throughout the track. Mixed throughout are those classic Flume synths that immediately identify a track as one of his own. Reminiscent of “Never Be Like You” this is a Flume track that hits the listener hard in the emotions while retaining Flume’s god-tier production elements. It’s a beautiful track all the way throughout, that has us ready more than ever for the rest of the album.

Go check out “Sirens” below and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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