Hailing from Canada, Kuhlosul is an up-and-coming bass producer who made his musical debut four years ago. Kuhlosul provides his audience with a unique and ghastly take on dubstep, focusing on all things weird and wobbly.

Kuhlosul has released music with reputable labels in the past including Emengy, High Caliber Records, and Hybrid Trap. Furthermore, he has garnered support from well-respected artists such as Minesweepa, Gawm, Gl0bal, Bassgazm, and more. His persistence and determination have allowed him to perfect his craft and channel his own distinctive sound within his work.

Today, Kuhlosul is proving himself to be a name to watch, recently releasing his EP “Grey Zone”. The EP features two unique tracks, titled “Grey Zone” and “Mainframe”.

Each song offers a different vibe, showcasing his versatility as a producer. “Grey Zone” begins with delicate vocals and mystical melodies. Kuhlosul builds the anticipation and finally drops a gross, headbanging-inducing beat.

“Mainframe” offers a more up-tempo opening, hyping the audience from the very start. He brings on the energy with a wicked and wobbly beat, sure to leave you with a serious case of stank face.

Kuhlosul shared his thoughts on his latest EP stating, “This EP makes a big milestone for me, ever since I first started making music four years ago it was a goal of mine to release on Hybrid Trap. And I feel that this EP encompasses what I want my style to reflect as Kuhlosul. So I’m very happy to be finally releasing it.”

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