COLSON XL is on a roll. Coming off their highly admired summer-dream EP release with ero808, they’re back just weeks later with another trap explosion. This time, they teamed up with their good friend and multi-talented future bass, house-infused producer, Eyezic.

The emergence of these indie-trap, future bass phenomena is remarkable and extremely genuine. This year, both COLSON XL and Eyezic have transpired from the roots of their beginnings onto some of their most desired labels and into some of their most beloved cities.

COLSON XL has given us one of the hottest six-track EPs this year to date. In full collaboration with ero808, each effort within this project has been on repeat since its grand debut, and we don’t plan on stopping. Fueled and fired from their tag “25% anxiety. 50% depression. 100% Colson XL.”, you can render the impact of emotion rinsed throughout every release. We truly cannot wait to see what’s next for the distinctively dynamic duo.

And… Eyezic. Eyezic is incomparable. We’ve had the pleasure of watching his exceptional uproar of development. This year alone, the sound design icon has scored releases on some of our most celebrated labels. Electric Hawk, KUMO Collective, Subsidia, Elysian Records, Good Society, Jadū Dala, and Trap N Chill. Yea, he has released a track (or more) from each of these labels in well under a year. Add Quality Good Records to the mix, and he still has three and a half more months to add to his 2021 roster.

Today, COLSON XL and Eyezic have merged progressions and sound ideologies for an absolute masterpiece of a collaboration. “Feels” is more than emotional, it’s sensational. It’s vivacious. It’s one of those tracks that smacks you with a head nod and an open heart within just thirty seconds. Goosebumps sprout from the arms as the first snare cracks the body. Teardrops percolate from the retina as the spirited synths saw from the speaker. It’s unreal, but it’s honestly everything we’ve expected from both alliances at stake.

We hope you handle your feelings with care when listening to the new COLSON XL and Eyezic effort, “Feels”. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tag us on our socials!

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