Throw your next party with “Party Starter,” the newest collaboration from Aweminus, UBUR, and Yakz, especially if your party guests are dubstep lovers!

These three have been bringing in all of the gas recently! Aweminus is known for his dubstep and drum and bass music since 2012 and has released on Never Say Die: Black Label and Bassrush Records. He also recently did a b2b set with Yakz at SVDDEN DEATH’s VOYD At The Caverns show.

UBUR, who started producing music in 2014, has also released on big labels like Disciple Records and Subsidia. He will also be doing a b2b with Aweminus at SVDDEN DEATH’s show next month in Chicago.

Yakz, who was first a metal vocalist, is another well-known dubstep and riddim producer who has collaborated with SVDDEN DEATH and other big dubstep names multiple times. Aweminus, UBUR, and Yakz’s strong backgrounds in riddim style dubstep music make “Party Starter”  the track to listen to nonstop for all of our headbangers. Catch Aweminus and UBUR at Lost Lands next weekend and Yakz at Bassrush’s show in Las Vegas next month!

“Party Starter” starts with a slow intriguing introduction that then takes you on a journey where three styles of bass are unleashed all at the same time. The single is mindblowing with all the collisions of stylings perfectly mixed in together.

Every part of “Party Starter” hits hard, making it impossible to not make a bass face or headbang. The track continuously progresses into more and more heaviness, proving that all three producers are dubstep maestros that need to collaborate on more singles together. It slows down at the end with vocals chanting“This is drugs”, ending the dose of dubstep that you took. It is a prime example of how different dubstep forces can join in and form one huge headbanger’s dream song. If you need something to pump you up for Lost Lands or to even play at your campsite, then this is it!

Does “Party Starter”  make you go wild? Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials!

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