The day has finally arrived. Philadelphia-based event and promotions company, Aftershock, has finally unleashed their highly anticipated debut compilation album. With their “The Family Reunion” compilation, the Aftershock team is bringing out the stops for a project jam-packed with fire from up and comers like Gravitrax, Choppy Oppy, Dredlok and more!

Two filthy house efforts on the project were Siroch‘s “Like That” and Heph‘s “All In”. The two Philly-based producers have worked together loads in the past, both as event coordinators with Aftershock as well as sharing the decks as b2b accomplices. They also consider themselves best friends and partners in crime.

Here is what the two young up and comers had to say about their groovy, individual tracks:

“This song is a funny one because it was originally a collaboration with Custo (a dubstep producer from Wilmington, DE) and after I sent it back to him he texted ‘You can keep it. I sent you a 16 bar loop and you sent me back a fully finished tune. That’s a Siroch tune now.’ The funniest thing was that it wasn’t even close to done. This is probably the 5th iteration of it at this point. I sent it to Wax Motif, AC Slater and Dr. Fresch’s feedback streams as well as lessons with Masteria working on this tune. This song was a learning experience for me as I’ve been working on it for over a year; it’s kismet that it’s coming out on Aftershock which is an organization I credit a lot of my growth to and this song is a prime example of that.” -Siroch

“This track clicked when I made that gliding bassline. Then it was just a matter of combining that with some groovy drums. Finally, an intense energetic vocal that develops throughout the track. It was a lot of fun to make and gives the listener another peek into my personal style. High energy and groove, that’s what makes me tick.” –HEPH

Also be sure to check out the other submissions to the compilation album from sick producers like Bitsky, The Business, Bemah and loads more. We hope you enjoyed “The Family Reunion” as much as we did!

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