Nikademis is back and this time with his first release on the powerhouse label Proximity! “On The Inside” is a new heavy hitter of a collaboration with SadBois, featuring Meggie York.

Midtempo producer Nikademis has been giving us all the new music we needed. He recently played a successful first debut show in New York City and his single “I Don’t Wanna Know” with Friendzone is about to hit one million streams on Spotify. His midtempo bass sound keeps growing especially with his releases on Space Yacht, Underdog Records, and his official remix of Big Gigantic‘s “Where I Wanna Be.”  He is always crafting banger after banger and is definitely an artist to follow along with as his journey continues! You can check out our exclusive HIHF guest mix with Nikademis here.

“On The Inside” starts beautifully with Meggie York’s strong, soothing vocals. She sings about summer nights setting a theme of joyfulness, shifting slowly into the midtempo we have been all waiting for. It is a smooth transition from upbeat and joyous to dark midtempo beats going back and forth throughout the song. The drums hit well while at the same time balancing the vocals equally. The track tells a full story, starting with gentle beats that places you in a dreamy garden setting. Afterward, the midtempo beats take you to the same enchanting garden but now it is filled with the dark beauty of the night sky. Nikademis and SadBois make this collaboration a truly fully rounded one.

“On The Inside”  is a song that will not only bring you joy but will show you how opposite sounds and themes can be combined to deliver one complete euphoric single. This track is next level and you will definitely want to have it on repeat. Nikademis is a master of midtempo bass and now everyone can hear his skills with this big label release!

Here is what Nikademis had to say about “On The Inside” :

“This track really hits home for us. I met the SadBois guys through Twitch and Discord. Not only did they happen to live 20 minutes away from me, but I learned all of us have been through some difficult personal situations in the past that have required perseverance to overcome. This was one of the original inspirations for the track. SadBois recommended we reach out to Meggie, and she provided an incredible vocal that couldn’t any better fit the vision for the track. It’s something that we’re all really proud of.

Proximity was one of my first sources for electronic music that I looked up to when I got into the genre, and I always told myself one day I would be on the channel. It’s a dream come true to finally have a release with them and can’t thank Blake and the team enough for supporting the track. – Nikademis

Did “On The Inside”  take you on a dreamy journey? Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials!

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