As a delayed festival szn comes to a close we now enter one of the house heads’ favorite times: basement club season. As a veteran of the New York club scene, I know how great it feels to get back inside a warehouse after spending a summer dancing outside. French electronic music Legends Tchami and Habstrakt seem equally ready for this next season and have given us “Eternity“, a low-down, bass-heavy, synth-forward slapper for the coming months.

The fact that it has taken us this long to get a collaboration from this powerhouse combo (sorry, bad pun but I couldn’t resist) is both hard to explain and interesting to ponder. Tchami’s Confession Label has brought hundreds of top-tier house tracks to the masses since its founding. In his time making music, Tchami has collaborated with just about every big name in the house scene and beyond. His collaborations within the house scene border on legendary. He has top-tier releases with the likes of DJ Snake, Malaa, Zhu, Wax Motif, Dombresky and so many more. It seems like one of the few producers he hasn’t worked with yet was fellow countryman Habstrakt. That is up until now. Fans of French house music everywhere are ecstatic to have this collaboration leave our imagination and enter reality.

Habstrakt has multiple releases off of Confession so it was only a matter of time before he linked up with the label’s founder. He has made a name for himself over the last few years with a stellar discography of huge collabs (ever heard a little diddy called Chicken Soup”?) and massive solo efforts such as Show Me” and The One”. While some of his biggest hits are quite heavy, he is equally well known for his dancier tracks. I saw him at the B&L Post-Covid Debut show in LA and he gave us everything in that set: big heavy bangers and house tunes to get your feet moving. That set was, to me, quintessential Habtrakt. He’s got all the tricks in his bag and you’re never certain of what you’re going to get.

Eternity” comes to us as a perfect blend of synth-driven house, a strong bassline, and emotive vocals. Lena Leon gives us the vocal performance signally eternal love and knowledge that the singer will “see you again.” Vocals set off the beginning of each section of the song with steady kick drums leading the charge on the build-up. Then kicks fade out to build acute suspense before a big synth hits and the dancing resumes. This high energy continues through the bridge and then the pattern repeats.

Eternity” is sure to rip up some basements, warehouses, and speakeasy raves in the next few months so give the track a listen below and let us know what you think of this massive tune from Tchami and Habstrakt.

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