Tchami has taken on “Freefall”, the collaborative effort from Whethan and Oliver Tree, to put his signature house spin on this genre-bending banger. This hot new remix comes just a few months after Tchami released his debut album, “Year Zero”, a fantastic collection of music that showcased Tchami’s unique future-house sound and exemplifies the finest points of his production design abilities. This year has also been huge for both Whethan and Oliver Tree, fresh off their own debut album releases, “Fantasy” and “Ugly Is Beautiful”, respectively.

Tchami highlights the grooviest parts of “Freefall” by using the incredible vocal performance of Oliver Tree to maintain the spirit of the original mix while adding new rhythms and tempos, creating a new sense of movement. The classic house influence is undeniable, and neither is the new school bass design Tchami brings to the table in stark contrast with chorus focused builds and breaks. This new remix is absolutely chilling and a stunning take on the original.

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