RAVVA has been cranking them out as of late. FKA Ravachol, this west coast artist is proving his versatility as a producer once again. It’s a change of pace for RAVVA as he switches up his stylings, but it’s a banger nonetheless. “Focus” is here!

The San Diego-based producer has been making waves in the dubstep world for years but has recently been providing his listeners with an onslaught of heat. Today is no different with the release of “Focus”, another complex heater that is sure to make your ‘official headbangers’ playlist.

Bringing a cavalcade of hip-hop, experimental bass, and trap stylings into the mix, this is yet another testament to RAVVA’s production prowess.

This new release follows three previous singles, “Listen Up,” “Give It Up,” and “Incredible”, each of which does a stellar job highlighting what the young artist is capable of. Here’s what he had to say about the last of his series, “Focus”:

“This is one of, if not the most different song I’ve ever put out. I made it during covid and sat on it for months until I got the random idea to play some acoustic guitar before the second drop and I instantly had an idea for it. I was really trying to make something with hip hop influence that still had my signature melodic tendencies in it.” – RAVVA

What did you think of RAVVA’s new single “Focus”? Let us know down below in the comments.

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