Danny Howland, AKA The Moose Man, AKA Svdden Death, is in a class of his own when it comes to brutal electronic music. Breaking boundaries of what people thought even possible, he has created some of the most insanely exhilarating productions that draw crowds of thousands to his demonic performances.

Growing up, Danny was a multi-instrumentalist playing in various jazz, metal, and indie bands. It wasn’t until 2008 that he was first introduced to dubstep music. He spent years pushing himself to develop his own unique sound that fans have grown to love.

Svdden Death’s newest track, “Transmutation Sequence,” has been long-awaited by fans. “Transmutation Sequence” kicks off with a melodic orchestra building up into a maniacal riddim-packed bassline. Fueled with heavy rhythm and gut-wrenching bass to break your neck to, this track is a guaranteed party-starter for dubstep fans.

We’ve been hearing Danny drop this during sets over the past year and we are so pumped to finally be able to blast out our windows on our daily commutes with this new gas!

Turn up the volume to the max, grab your neck brace, and find the nearest rail because this new heat from Svdden Death is a wild ride from start to finish! We hope you enjoy “Transmutation Sequence” as much as we did!


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