Tripp St. has quickly built a huge reputation for himself in an impressively short period of time. Meshing elements of hip-hop, bass music, and inviting melodies, Tripp St. has refined his unique sound and paved his own lane with his complex and still very calming work

There is no better place to spend your Friday than at the intersection of Tripp St. and Odyzey Music. Today, the enigmatic masked producer returns to please your ears and rattle your chest with a brand new slapper. Originally debuted on the “Sermon Mix”, Tripp St. presents the lead single and title track ahead of his new album, “Different Worlds”. 

Opening up with angelic synths, calming melodies guide the listener towards the point of no return. Spiraling into uncharted territory, Tripp St. flaunts his signature sound and welcomes you to the street!

Here’s what the mysterious producer had to say about the new title track:

“Different Worlds is inspired by my life growing up… I’ve had a lot of different influences that have stuck with me over time, and I tried to convey that in the music. Your influences come from your surroundings, so everyone has their own unique perspective – I think about that a lot when I’m making music, so I stay true to myself and what I like. A lot of the piano riffs and melodies on the album are things I’ve been playing since I was a kid, and it’s feels really good to be able to accompany some of my favorite ideas with proper production. I’m very proud of this album and the time I’ve put into it. Some of these songs will always be my favorites.”Tripp St

Album artwork by the ultra-talented DR01D Visuals. What did you think of Tripp St’s “Different Worlds”? Let us know below!

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