Hailing from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Ryan Ryder aka WIDOW is a black mage, rising DJ, edge-pushing-bass-connoisseur, and aspiring producer.

WIDOW’s journey with music began in his early years, at first drumming for years in several heavy metal bands.  Soon after that stint, he discovered the electronic music scene. Festival culture activated a newfound “sense of self” which led WIDOW to produce and draw inspiration from deep dubstep artists such as Truth, The Widdler, Leon Switch, and Sleeper.  WIDOW’s work has gained recognition from major labels such as Duploc, Deep Dark and Dangerous, Blck and Opulence.

WIDOW keeps busy by sculpting an innovative style of bass music he’s titled “creep-step.” He intends to provoke emotions through song and dance in an effort to facilitate unity and transformation. His latest brilliance has produced the track “Lost Soul,” which fittingly accompanies a cinematic masterpiece of a music video, produced by QOTG Productions.

WIDOW explains, “As a practitioner of the dark arts on the left-hand path, I often feel as though my work is literally done in shadow, unseen and most times misunderstood. I wrote this one as a reminder to myself and others that not all who wander are lost…”

The “Lost Soul” music video is a seductively eerie ritual perfect for late October. The music video features the forest, WIDOW himself, and various shamanic imagery. The video possesses a comfortably strange and unusual yet entertaining flow.

The track itself possesses talented vocals and incredible beats. From start to finish, listeners and watchers are captivated by this deep dark and dangerous web that WIDOW has spun. Tell us what you think of this new heater from WIDOW!

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