Spooky season is here and “Alliance” by Difee is what you should be listening to right now! This new single will fulfill all of your drum and bass desires.

Difee, also known as Kristoffer, is a producer from Oslo, Norway that is making his name known in the US with his next-level drum and bass! He started off as a DJ but then started producing to express himself, gaining inspiration from retro technology and video games. He has collaborated with midtempo producer Nikademis and remixed Friendzone‘s single “Alone” on Ninety9Lives label. Difee is an artist to follow especially with his continuous releases. If you love some drum and bass then you will instantly become a fan of his!

As soon as Difee’s new track “Alliance” begins you get an eerie and enchanting introduction that sucks you into mesmerizing drum and bass. It’s spooky and dark. Imagine walking on a dreary path to a creepy old house surrounded by nothingness. You enter with fear but then build up the courage to open the door that leads to the best party of your life. This is the exact feeling that “Alliance” gives you. Heavy fast kicks build up to an extraordinary drop that will have you dancing and jumping up and down with excitement, running through walls.

The vocals, piano chords, drums, and electrifying beats all get pieced together so perfectly. The track does a great job of changing tempo in such a revolutionary way. The pace changes on and off and every drop is powerful, especially when the “Alliance” vocals hit at the same time as the drop.

Throughout the whole song, you get a balance of high energy and darkness at the same time. You will definitely want to play this at every Halloween party you go to.

What did you think of Difee’s new single “Alliance?” Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials!

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