This past spring, Tripp St. released his debut project “Welcome to Tripp St.” Since then, he has begun playing live sets all across the country including Sound Haven, Circus of Life Festival, Fire Lights Festival, and the Neon Jungle Tour alongside CloZee.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us satisfied, today he presents us with his second full-length album within the year.

“Different Worlds” is a collection of unique soundscapes that share a cohesive style and flow. Sound system and dance-floor ready, “Different Worlds” swings for the fences on a banger-stacked record. The track “Grail” in particular quickly addresses what the hype is all about. What begins as soothing and airy quickly becomes thick as pudding.

The tune “Optimist”, is one that we have been waiting patiently for and is an absolute joy to add to our playlists. Heavy, yet precise, “Optimist” flexes the low end while keeping you engaged with its top-tier sound design and flowing rhythm.

It goes without saying this is our favorite Tripp St. project to date. What are your favorite tracks? Let us know in the comments and peep what the enigmatic artist had to say about his sophomore album.

“Different Worlds is inspired by my life growing up… I’ve had a lot of different influences that have stuck with me over time, and I tried to convey that in the music. Your influences come from your surroundings, so everyone has their own unique perspective – I think about that a lot when I’m making music, so I stay true to myself and what I like. A lot of the piano riffs and melodies on the album are things I’ve been playing since I was a kid, and it feels really good to be able to accompany some of my favorite ideas with proper production. I’m very proud of this album and the time I’ve put into it. Some of these songs will always be my favorites.” – Tripp St.

We hope you enjoyed “Different Worlds” from Tripp St. as much as we did! Check it out below.

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