Here at Heard It Here First we love experimental bass music, so when we found out Denver-based artist Of The Trees was preparing to release a new EP we were elated at the opportunity to provide coverage. Of The Trees’ fan base has been growing rapidly frankly due to the unique organic sound he delivers in every track. His most recent album release, “Tanglewood” gave fans a glance at his less bass-heavy more melodic style. Now, Of The Trees has unveiled his newest work of art, titled “Tale Of Elegos”. As his first downtempo album, Of The Trees has embraced his ambient artistry to craft an exquisite masterpiece laden with dreamy low-end bass and harmonious vocals courtesy of Kala, Sophie Marks, and Mary Coso.

Every track feels as if you are embarking on a journey through the forest and taking in all of the sounds of nature surrounding you. Truly becoming “of the trees”.

“Tale of Elegos”

The EP kicks off with “Alcyone”, a soothing intro with a warm melody, immersing listeners into a beautiful soundscape of synths, drums, and snares. As the synths ebb and flow throughout the track, you are transported to a labyrinth of sounds and emotions that you can hear and yet also feel. Slowly drawing you into the calming tempo, it feels as if you are about to embark on an adventure to an unknown destination.

Following “Alcyone” is the premiere single “Windhorse,”  featuring Sophie Marks. Listeners are introduced to a hypnotic and meditative environment reminiscent of being alone in your thoughts within nature. A charming flute melody begins and a cadenced beat drops, accentuating Marks’ harmonious lyrics. “Windhorse” really gives listeners an in-depth feel of the passion poured into the track. In coming to a closure we are gently brought back into the natural state we were introduced to as birds and insects chirp all around you and the melody effortlessly segues into the next track.

As “Windhorse” ends we are unknowingly transitioned into “The Bellmaker,” an easy-listening fluid arrangement of rhythmic percussion and piano harmonization paired with the beguiling voice of Kala. The track may be slow and calm but it still delivers that unique flair Tyler aka Of The Trees is well known for. Kala was also featured on Tyler’s track “Honeydust” off “Tanglewood”. His emotive vocals resonate with fans and it was an obvious decision to include him in this most recent composition. He always delivers beautifully and seeing these two create magic together is such a joy.

Mary Coso is featured on the tranquil track “I’ll Be Ready”. As it begins, we find ourselves right back to the elements of the natural world as a stream can be heard flowing in the distance. The pace is increased and leads into a tribal liquid drum and bass beat as Coso comes in with her warm, calming vocals. The uplifting essence of “I’ll Be Ready” really ties the album together. Hopefully, we will be seeing more liquid drum and bass from Tyler in the near future because we could never get tired of listening to that magnificence!

Closing out the album is the serene harmony of “Elegos”. Piano notes deliver a soothing tune over a gradual bassline, gently easing you into the beat as it picks up pace. Feelings of euphoria and closure take over as you sense your adventure in “Tale Of Elegos” is coming to an end. “Elegos” is delicate and therapeutic, tying up your journey and giving you something powerful and genuine in return.

What’s Next For Of The Trees?

The album truly is a treasure from start to finish. Each track resonates with you and induces the utmost goosebumps as it immerses you in an innate period of reflection. There is something special about “Tale of Elegos” and we can see why Tyler aka Of The Trees is so proud of this new chapter in his career.

Be sure to listen to “Tale of Elegos” in its entirety with quality headphones because every small detail brings together the majesty of this new album. Deeply captivating, this is one of the most incredible compositions in Of The Tree’s career. We personally can not wait to see where this new voyage takes him.

Tyler is currently accompanying Clozee on her Neon Jungle tour, alongside Mersiv, Tripp St, and Wreckno, so be sure to catch some of the magic live at a venue near you!

Close your eyes, unwind and take in every sound as you drift away into a tranquil journey, and let us know your thoughts on “Tales Of Elegos” in the comments section below or on our social media! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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