Colorado-based production wizard Mersiv continues to shine in bass music as he has been treating fans with nonstop releases over the past few years. He has proven himself to be a mastermind with his unique “Pretty Dark Loud” style and ability to push forward and even through genre boundaries. Mersiv uses a variety of elements, emotions, and energy to give listeners a sense of healing and peace within his work.

Today, Mersiv is releasing his debut full-length album Pretty Dark Loud, which is a defining moment in the freeform electronic genre. Each song leads listeners into a uniquely immersive experience.

As listeners gulf into “Departure,” “Severing String,” and the album’s lead single, “Floating Underwater Above The Clouds”  the pretty style is seen with narrative tools, giving listeners a soothing sense of calmness. 

The storyline explores the second element of his work, dark. The collaboration track with Killa Nova, “Forest Creature,” beautifully welcomes listeners into the darkness they have been conditioned to be afraid of. Mersiv shows off his innate ability to push forward genre boundaries with “Tesseract.” 

Mersiv continues his transmitted therapeutic energy to listeners with the third element, loud.  “The Death Note” has a grungy, heavy vibe and high-energy dubstep feel that is sure to leave you running through walls. Loud is explored further with hip-hop-led tracks alongside Mersiv’s close friend and frequent collaborator, Knat Turner

Pretty Dark Loud wraps up with vocalized intent and powerful filtered bass on “Ghosts” with former Zeds Dead and Excision collaborator Akylla. The storyline concludes with mysterious, primal energy with If I Was Raven,” one of our favorite cuts off the album.

What was your favorite track off Mersiv’s new Prety Dark Loud debut album? Let us know down below in the comments!

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