Deep Dark & Dangerous resident Khiva has been captivating fans and artists alike with her ingenuity and expert craftmenship that she pours into her art. A rising star in the wild world of dubstep, Khiva stands out with an ever-expanding organic sound that always delivers the tastiest bass and filthiest beats. Her unparalleled energy gives listeners an intimate experience with all the best vibes. As if being an insanely successful dubstep producer wasn’t enough, Khiva has been showing off her lyrical skills in recent tracks. Her most recent monster of a track is “Tethered”.

Deep low-frequency bass intricately intertwined with Khiva’s talented rap skills make this another heavy-hitter in her collection of bangers. She has a way of capturing so much emotion in her tracks that undoubtedly makes you feel the music as opposed to just hearing it. Here’s what she had to say:

“The creation of this tune was initially inspired by an experience of someone I know, and then infused and developed with my own perception and narrative. The story could be about anyone, any situation, but overall I wanted to capture that we are all reflections of each other, some days we are the lifering for someone and sometimes they are for us, and within ourselves we too hold all, our compassion and understanding increases when we recognize ourselves in others and vice versa. There is a lot of symbolism sonically as well as anecdotally, many different ‘meanings’ could be deduced.” – Khiva

Khiva is very much a force to be reckoned with, dominating the scene with her ground-breaking tunes. Deserving of so much credit, she really is a massive inspiration to fans to get out there and work on creating their own unique product within their music. 

The future is looking very bright (or should I say dark) for this talented artist. Her impressive artillery of fire tracks is constantly expanding and we can certainly expect a lot more from Khiva in the future! So kick back, throw on a pair of headphones and vibe out to “Tethered” today!

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