Toronto-born, Caroline Ceci aka WHIPPED CREAM has been on a life-changing journey. For years she was a competitive figure skater until an unfortunate accident occurred that led her to a passion for music. She then became a genre-bending producer, blending rap, experimental bass, drum and bass, trap, and dubstep throughout her work. Her mission is to create “music that can be felt by anyone.” Whipped Cream has been on the rise with collabs like “Told Ya” feat.  Lil XanSo Thick” with Baby Goth, and “I Do The Most” with Lil Keed. WHIPPED CREAM has a forthcoming headlining tour and appearances at Audiotistic and EDC Orlando next month.  Today, she returns from her song-writing hiatus with her new jam “Light Of Mine.”

Jimorrow is from Kansas City and started to produce music at the young age of 14.  Jimorrow and WHIPPED CREAM collided for their new single “Light Of Mine” that was released on Monstercat about a week back. With “Light Of Mine” being the first official single for Jimorrow, they are definitely on the rise!

“Light Of Mine”  starts off with the classic lyrics “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” This song is a brilliant taste of what’s to come and can resonate with every single person. “Light Of Mine” is an inspiration to defeat the darkness and obstacles and shine our inner light with self-confidence just like WHIPPED CREAM has over the years. We all face obstacles and darkness in our lifetime, let us feel empowered to defeat it and keep our light shining!

Here’s what WHIPPED CREAM and Jimorrow had to say about “Light of Mine”:

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