Following up her powerful EP, Enough Is Enough, A Hundred Drums dishes out a self-help message embedded in deep dark rhythms with her new single “Emotional Standards.” On the heels of announcing that she will be providing support for Rezz’s 2022 Spiral tour, this track foreshadows the diverse palette of sounds she plans on bringing to the table.

The song opens with a self-help message that is both foreboding and reassuring. She talks about using emotions to grow which leads to the hook “For example, let’s look at the emotion hurt.” The track immediately follows through with a gritty, drum-fueled journey. Each section touches on her roots in both UK-style dubstep and drum & bass.

The track lumbers and flows over each progression where the drums motivate the bass while slow and discordant melodies fill the backdrop. Overall it perfectly demonstrates AHD‘s determination as a producer to show off her talents as a drummer. “Emotional Standards” ultimately takes a hybrid arrangement style. The last section launches into a much faster Jump-Up D&B drop. The hybrid arrangement sets this track apart from her previous catalog of works and hopefully isn’t the last jump-up style song we will see from this talented artist.

Does A Hundred Drums’ new single “Emotional Standards” have you feeling cathartic? Let us know in the comments!


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