Clearly not afraid to experiment with new ideas, Effin delivers a wide variety of styles with his brand new “Distress” EP off Never Say Die. Each song is filled with complex rhythms, astounding sound design, and seems to be connected along a thread of moving melodies. “Take Away” featuring Oddprophet melds both their styles together in a dramatic fashion. These songs perfectly highlight the transition into cooler temperatures after a busy festival season for Effin.

The first track, “Dinner For Two,” isn’t Effin’s first contribution to the hybrid trap genre, or “trap2” as the monicker seems to have formed, but it highlights his endeavor to bring more glassy and distorted tones to make a more melodically motivated arrangement. The classy and uplifting bridge helps contrast the other two very aggressive and hype sections.

“Damel” follows up the angry-sounding “Dinner For Two” with a much more dramatic and upbeat tune. The intro includes lush layers of vocals and a detuned bassline. This slowly builds into a very stompy, melodic-riddim section. It’s a really powerful moment that creates emotional tension on the dance floor. That tension releases with a quick shift into an upbeat house drop, making this track a really dynamic journey from start to finish.

The third effort off the EP, “Take Away,” featuring Oddprophet, focuses on creating massive hype while bringing together a melodic and heavily-distorted bassline. The intro and bridge have a classic vibe to them, like 90s rave music with Rhodes stabs and a familiar diva vocal chop. This bringing you somewhere nostalgic pays off swiftly with the drop. The progression is driven by a gritty and sustained bassline which is accented by the use of silence at the end of each phrase. The boom-bap initial section plays into the face-melting riddim section to finish off the song. 

The EP finishes off on a different flavor entirely. “N2K” is bass fueled by neo-soul. It’s a gripping downtempo journey that really shows off Effin’s ability to write impressive melodic progressions while working with vocals in a unique and engaging way. If you need a reminder that bass music isn’t just about headbanging, this is it. The warm piano at the end is like a parting hug on a cold day. 

Crates I’m Putting This Into: Blue, Cold Tempo, Hybrid Mosh

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