Slang Dogs have been a breakout electronic act over the course of the pandemic. Today, the grizzly duo is unleashing their dark new frequency “Repentance”.

Their brooding new single is set to be the first off their upcoming EP. With a track record of appearing on huge labels like Bassrush and Space Yacht and a slew of constant and thrilling releases, we can’t wait for this forthcoming project from the Slang Dogs.

The duo was also just announced as a part of the San Francisco Wobbleland lineup, performing alongside fellow up-and-coming rising stars like Ravenscoon, Smoakland, Kumarion, Abelation, and more!

“Repentance” follows up their remix of Kumarion’s breakout smash “Want It”, which was a staple of their live sets for over a year. It also follows their DnB original they released a few months back, titled “Epiphany”. Here’s what Slang Dogs had to story behind their new banger, which continues the mythos from their previous work:

“Repentance’ begins as it audibly conveys Endal approaching an outer-ring village community who only believed her to be a myth. The religious group known as The Apostles often had their warnings of the balance brushed off by the common folk. Now, accompanied by her hounds and devout followers, the villagers face Endal’s ultimatum, bow down to her will, or perish.”

What did you think of Slang Dogs’ new single “Repentance”? Let us know down below in our comments section or tag us on our socials and let us know there! We can’t wait for their upcoming Apostles Divination EP, due out mid-December, and we hope you are as hyped as we are for the continuing rise of the Slang Dogs as they keep chewing up and spitting out the experimental bass scene with each and every release they unload.

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