Marvel Years, aka Cory Wythe, is a producer and guitarist. He blends electronic beats, retro-funk, soul, jazz, classic rock, and hip-hop together to create his unique sound in the glitch-hop/electro-soul scene. By incorporating the electronic guitar in his live performances, Marvel Years certainly stands out from your typical electronic live acts.

Denver native Maddy O’Neal has continued to catch eyes and ears in the electronic scene with her multifaceted production and mixing. Her special sound stems from her family’s love for rock ‘n’ roll and her growing passion for old-school hip-hop. O’Neal has graced the stages at Camp Bisco, Summer Camp, Summer Meltdown, Electric Forest, and Red Rocks. 

Marvel Years and Maddy O’Neal have become close friends since their first tour together back in 2013. In 2018, the producers collaborated for “Viral Love.” Now, today, their latest collab, “Don’t Stop feat. Lummingbird has been released. 

This energized and flavorful song electrifies the listener with automatic good vibes. It features both of their signature sounds alternating between one another. “Don’t Stop” starts off with soulful guitar riffs leading to some funky beats to get you grooving and dancing. Marvel Years and Maddy O’Neal are set to play in Denver, Reno, Nevada, San Francisco, and Nevada City, California forthcoming. 

Check out what Marvel Years and Maddy O’Neal had to say about “Don’t Stop”:

“After our first collaboration “Viral Love” in 2018, Maddy and I are excited to present our new collab “Don’t Stop.” Maddy sent me this track in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, and after the first listen I knew we had something special in the works. We’ve both been friends for years and gotten to learn and admire each other’s creative process, so getting to work on this track together was a ton of fun.” – Marvel Years 

“This is the second collaboration between Cory and I following “Viral Love” (2018). We actually started “Don’t Stop” mid-pandemic, but recently put the finishing touches on it. The track feels very fitting because we’ve been on this journey together since the very beginning of our careers. Lydia, the vocalist, was the final piece of the song we were missing, adding her Nina Simone-style vibe to the track. It’s a really rad blend of both Cory and I’s signature sounds bouncing off each other the entire song.” – Maddy O’Neal

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