Blosso is returning to Circus for his upcoming Rose of Sharon EP, marking his second with the label. The Korean rising star producer has caught the eyes and ears of tons of Dubstep’s finest with his unique bright bass stylings. He has won official remix contests for the likes of Dodge & Fuski and Ace Aura and is quickly becoming a favorite of Doctor P and Flux Pavilion‘s legendary Circus Records. Today, he’s linking up with CHEMY for their brand new collaborative single “Geisha”.

The official release of the new tune is tomorrow, November 16th, but we’ve got you covered with an early listening link for an exclusive HIHF premiere!

“Geisha” utilizes the melodic riddim/color bass style of dubstep production that has gained tons of traction over the pandemic. Artists like Papa Khan, Chime, Oolacile, and loads more have cemented this sub-genres place as one of the quickest rising forms of dubstep and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

On “Geisha”, Blosso and CHEMY are bringing out all the stops. Employing glistening color bass stylings that shoot you to the moon and stars and back, “Geisha” emphasizes the production methods of both artists and has their sounds come together in both a beautiful and thrilling way.

What did you think of Blosso and CHEMY’s new track “Geisha?” Let us know in the comments or on our socials and keep an eye out for Blosso’s Rose of Sharon EP coming very soon through Circus Records.

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