Floret Loret is back and he is taking us down into the depths of his sonic universe with his In Maroon EP. After an explosive 2019 that ended with a Deadbeats release for Floret Loret, he did not let the pandemic slow down his work ethic. His mystical discography can be found spread across Electric Hawk, Quality Goods, Gravitas, Bassrush, Bonsai Collective, Street Ritual, and Phuture Collective. Now, the release of the In Maroon EP follows on the heels of his most recent extended effort Undulations EP on mau5trap.

In true Floret Loret fashion, In Maroon begins and gently lures you into the world that is being masterfully created. The opening track, “Submerged,” aptly absorbs you into a bottomless abyss of meditative bliss. Where “Blackbox Jellyfish” picks up the current with powerful fluid bass, zapping you to get on your feet and move with the flow.

The lead single, “FishHop,” introduced the project and let the listeners know how funky and experimental the rest of the EP would be. Last but not least, to close off the project, “Depths” encompasses all the polarities of Floret Loret’s sound, where bright and glittering synths can be found paired with downright filthy basslines. About the creation process of In Maroon, Floret Loret had this to say:

“The premise of this project was to use color association to help influence the creative process by surrounding myself with different shades of red. I changed the colors in my DAW to different shades of red, the lights in my room as well.. ‘In Maroon’ helps tie this project together, summarizing my results/end product of this experiment.” – Floret Loret

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