An architect of space and time, Osyris has built a microcosm of mystifying experimental bass. With a knack for choosing the best vocal samples to properly mesmerize you, the ability to infuse elements of other genres, and dedication to evolving her sound, the traction Osyris has been gaining is well deserved.

Her production prowess is apparent and her talents don’t stop there. Osyris is also a skilled Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer, and DJ, who also plays the drums, piano, guitar, and sings.

Today, Osyris is taking us across the galaxies to experience “Black Holes.” The track is a psychological thriller from start to finish with the looming threat of deep and destructive bass. “Black Holes” dark production style is juxtaposed with encouraging messages, a theme Osyris explored in the process of creating the project. Here’s what she had to say:

Writing this song was such an interesting journey. A long time ago I heard Stephen Hawking talking about his theory on black holes and it always kind of stuck in the back of my head. As I was going through my personal creative process prepping to write a new song the idea dawned that I could sample his speech and make my own little story using his vocals. I went down my own black hole while searching for all the right pieces to fit my vision and came up with this. As far as the cover art, music video, and photos for this single, one night as I was thinking of ideas for the shoot, I had this vision in my head that I used the word “perspective” to describe. I’ve always loved the phrase “glass half full vs glass half empty”. On the left side the glass is half empty, being chained to the idea of a black hole and not being able to find your way out. Where as on the right side the glass is half full, the masks represent the changes you can make in the way you look at the situation and the candle on the skull is the light that you can use to guide you through the darkness. All those mirror pieces are the looking glass in both perspectives and represent the way you choose to look at a situation. Everything you see in the picture from the red cloud to the face masks was hand painted and designed by me.

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