Ascending from an unknown enigma, Komadoze has eternally utilized 2021 to uncover his individuality through soundwaves. Seven months ago, he debuted his very first release with an all-time underground bass favorite, Ravenscoon, which authentically launched the birth of the Komadoze project. Since then, he has progressively painted a purified portrait of perseverance and grind. Today, Komadoze guides his ongoing substantial energy through 808s with “WHOTF“, out now on More Creativity Records.

It’s been a heartwarming thrill to watch this artist’s growth from the start of his project to his first label release. We even had the pleasure of premiering the novelty’s most recent halftime-hybrid hitter, “Rebirth“. His beautiful blueprint of trap and bass balances each frequency transmitted from speaker to eardrum. Be careful though, the Komadoze contagion spreads like a wildfire from start to finish and leaves you on edge until he returns with more heat.

That being said, we couldn’t name a better residence for Komadoze’s debut label release. More Creativity Records is an independent record label based out of Brooklyn, dedicated to pushing the visionary boundaries of trap and bass music. It serves as a home base for many up-and-comers we’ve had a steady eye on this year, such as Mythm., michael mason, jives, Gurf, and ell!psis, just to name a few.

We hope you enjoy “WHOTF” just as much as we do! Check out some more Komadoze here, and let us know your thoughts below or tag us on our socials.

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