Hailing all the way from France, the cinematic phenomenon sebjin surpasses any genre limit with his primal dance-infused fabrications. Currently based in Canada, the French creative brushes metallic compositions of bass, trap, and future beats into a generous alignment, melding a melodic panorama for us to forever cherish. His fluorescent flow oozes out of any mold as he continues to aspire higher with each and every release. Today, sebjin renovates his polished shine with another label-debuted track, titled “Show”, with THE champions of the underground, FUXWITHIT.

The individual pathway sebjin has taken is beyond revitalizing and has truly been inspiring to witness. He dove into the electronic realm of the musical universe around 2018 and has skyrocketed into the masses within just the past two years. Co-founder of OUTSIDERS PARIS and devoted member of the audio collective GVLVXY, sebjin has represented these exclusive platforms which quickly opened the doors to the newfound legacy he now clutches. With releases on Bassrush Records, Quality Goods Records, and Wormhole Music Group, the prophecy of sebjin lives on for many more efforts to come.

FUXWITHIT has recently enhanced its platform into a record label, featuring capshun and L*o*J with their inauguration. Their third release, “Show”, ascends their launch a few planes higher. We’re excited to watch things take off and can’t wait to see what’s next.

“Show” is a pristine representation of sebjin’s motive as an artist

The four-minute curation is an unpredictable journey with elemental saws, harmonizing harps, and gruesome bass. The electronic yield of cinematic fusion takes you on a trip through the unknown darkness and into the heavens. It starts as a hybrid classic of trap and bass, and gently cools you down with a calming future beat to clear the air. It’s beauty in the madness, but also nothing less than expected from sebjin.

Here is what he had to say about his new work:

“I want the listener to have the feeling of listening to several songs in one, to know that a song doesn’t have a well-defined genre to exist. I wanted to create a piece that gives the impression of living a real show in terms of musicality, sensations, and atmosphere. As if we were watching the major episode of a series, where everything completely changed. Which ultimately forces the characters to make a fatal decision that will change them.” – sebjin

We hope you enjoyed “Show” from sebjin just as much as we did! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tag us on our socials!

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