In a world run by heavy machinery, assembled by a system that dulls down the human experience, we are presented NuRave. A universal enigma that sparks authoritative light in dystopic darkness, a soundscape coated with luminescent imagination in an overcast society. The defiant breakthrough of innate harmony, built by rebellious creatives who believe their identity is not worth losing. In a universe that strips you from freedom of expression, humanity has never witnessed anything like it. Today, Heimanu transports us through the futuristic realm of NuRave with some help from Deadbeats on his official remix of Zeds Dead and MKLA‘s “Alive”.

Welcome to the NuRave

Led by Heimanu, the collective conscious of NuRave travels wavelengths through the space-time-continuum to deliver a cure to the chaos: the remedy of sound. Compacted stimuli enclose heavy hymns of hardwave, electrifying synths, and unforgiving bass; the melodious mantra strikes the biosphere with euphoric essence. The future bass-heavy fusion supplies emotional builds and ethereal breakdowns, fabricating vulnerability when nonconformity isn’t tolerable. NuRave is an exclusive domain that allows you to experience a void you never knew existed. NuRave is the future. NuRave is now.

There isn’t a frontrunner quite like Heimanu. He has landed on a plethora of planetary labels such as Lowly, NIGHTMODE, and DIM MAK, and has combined forces with other like-minded leaders such as Hex Cougar, ARMNHMR, and TWERL. Considering his primary breakthrough remix of RL Grime’s “UCLA”, the Sable Valley resident has come full circle with his recently renewed institutional stay. He plans to expand his workspace through every release he traces, ultimately strengthening the NuRave forcefield even further.

His splash is sustainable, his waves are forever.

Since the start of 2020, the crux of Heimanu has skyrocketed. We have seen him showcase NuRave on the RL Grime ‘Halloween IX’ premiere and the Brownies & Lemonade x Mad Decent ‘Juiced’ livestream. He won /r/trap’s 2020 Best Breakout Artist and Best Remix/VIP, and even distributed a thirty-minute Ignition Mix with BBC Radio. The NuRave sub-genre is clearly unstoppable as the phenomenon continues to grow with the unknown.

Today, Heimanu keeps us up and attem with his well-deserved, official Deadbeats debut. Zeds Dead and MKLA originally blessed us with “Alive as their forthcoming album single and since have received a phenomenal pour out of remixes. Heimanu’s contribution will be placed on the second package of remixes that is set to release this coming Friday. We got the opportunity to premiere the NuRave tune a few days early and we are ecstatic to share it with you today.

Here are some words from Heimanu himself regarding the release:

“Working on remixes is probably one of my favourite parts of producing. Having all this really good material to work with from the get-go makes the process super unique and fun. I love resampling vocals and synths, placing them into an entirely new space and setting, re-creating a new mood and world for them to live in.

This was how I worked on my remix for Alive. The tempo of the song was different for me too, which gave me a chance to experiment with new genres while keeping the ‘Heimanu’ feel and vibe still there. The end result is something I very much enjoyed making and I couldn’t be more grateful for the lads at Zeds Dead for giving me the opportunity” – Heimanu

We hope you enjoyed the official Heimanu remix of Zeds Dead and MKLA’s “Alive” just as much as we did. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tag us on our socials!

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