It’s now past Labor Day which, for most, means that Summer 2021 is starting to come to an end. Sable Valley Records, on the other hand, is well aware that Summer doesn’t end until the Autumnal Equinox (there you go don’t tell me you didn’t learn something today) and is keeping the heat coming with a BIG late August/ September slate of releases.

Just last week they released a massive compilation album titled Sable Valley Summer Vol. 2 with new tracks from some of the best up-and-coming names in the trap game such as Rossy, Pauline Herr, Capshun, and another collab between Montell2099 and RL Grime. That alone would be enough of a news-making announcement but *Billy Mays voice* WAIT, there’s more!

It’s Friday, September 10th and we are blessed to receive one of the most highly anticipated IDs from the last year, “Ghost” by Heimanu and Hex Cougar. Before we go into the track we have to set the stage with some background on two of the most innovative names in Electronic Music.

Heimanu is no stranger to the Sable Valley Record Label with two releases off of the label in the last eigteen months. The absolutely massive “Worlds” that debuted on Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 and “Akera“, which was a single release from earlier this year. Both tracks showcase Heimanu’s self-created subgenre ‘Nu Rave’. To put it better than I can, here’s Heimanu’s website description of this new era of sound from the booming up and comer:

Heimanu focuses on creating the NuRave sound which displays emotionally energetic builds, powerfully melodic drops, and lulling atmospheric breakdowns.

He couples rave sounds with crunchy basses designed to give his emotional writing a darker edge. Heimanu wants to show you a feeling that you haven’t quite felt, in a world that isn’t quite here yet either. Let him be your guide into the future that is NuRave.

Among the chaos of the world, you find yourself free to express the emotions you withhold in a realm of anonymity. It is exclusive, but it is inclusive.

And you are welcome. This is the sound of our future. This is NuRave.

It’s saying something pretty significant that the other half of this collab brings every bit as much forward-thinking genius as the previous. Hex Cougar has been a name to watch for the past few years, especially with the launch of his record label Alter/Ego and the subsequent releases of a Compilation Album titled “Alter/Ego Volume 1” and a four-track EP titled “Genesis”. Hex has shown that he is both an incredible solo producer and someone who thrives as a part of a collaborative project. Proving this point, the entire Genesis EP was a collab between four artists: Hex Cougar, Pauline Herr, So Sus, and Sejo. The end result is a masterpiece of an EP that highlights each artist’s individual strengths and a sound that is beyond the reach of their own realms of expertise. Through both of the projects released off of Alter/Ego, Hex Cougar is able to perfectly encapsulate his distinct euphoric, heavy, emotional, and thematic style that makes him such a beloved producer.

The synergy of sound between these two producers makes this collab at the same time a no-brainer and something well beyond the sum of its parts. Heimanu and Hex Cougar both have pure raw energy in their tracks and it’s no surprise their sound melds so well on their first official release together. “Ghost” is a pinnacle of collaboration achievement between two of the most creative producers in the game. The track was previewed at Hard Summer during Hex Cougar’s set and even before then during RL Grime’s Halloween IX Livestream event in Heimanu’s ‘NuRave’ set (highly recommended if you want a taste of the atmosphere that Heimanu has been building). That brings us to a full eleven months of waiting for this track to drop before it finally came to us and the finished version delivers on all of the hype from the last year.

There are no two ways about it, this track fucking goes. The song opens with an extraterrestrial choir sample that reminds the listener of the Halo theme song. It then sets into a fast-paced melodic build that unleashes a Nu Rave drop of extreme energy. The bridge sets off distant alarm bells and transitions into a more drawn-out build-up that sets off a delayed absolute HAMMER of a second drop. This song has been highly anticipated for a reason and is an absolute weapon when deployed in a live set. Check out the song below on Soundcloud and Spotify and let us know what you think in the comments!

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