The Krewella duo has consistently crushed the game since their rise in the early 2010s. They quickly took over the scene with hard-hitting heaters that could generate enough power to light up a city, such as “Killin It” and “Alive.” As Krewella grew as artists, their sound naturally evolved with them and in 2017 they created a home for their music, Mixed Kids Records.

The Chicago sisters were inspired by their multiracial background and created a platform where they could explore their new style further. Krewella currently draws their artistry from Bollywood, Pop, R&B, and Trap while traversing matters of sexual liberation and ethnic identity with an emphasis on creative experimentation.

Their 2020 album zer0 was a flawless execution of their goals where they married their inspirations with their authentic Krewella approach. Following the album came remixes from some of their favorite producers whose songs can be heard in a Krewella set, one of them being rising star dance artist MADGRRL.

Quite the hefty hitter herself, it’s easy to see why Krewella is enamored by MADGRRL’s hard bass sound. With her music on heavyweight labels like Barong Family, Dim Mak, Disciple, and Never Say Die, wherever there is punishing bass MADGRRL will find her way there.

Today, Krewella is recruiting MADGRRL to help them take “No Control” to the next level. Returning to their love of powerful hard bass, the track explores the longing we’ve all been feeling throughout the pandemic to get lost in debauchery and disorder. Krewella’s “No Control” raises nostalgia with echoing lyrics, sawing synths, and ticklings of Hardstyle while hoisting up fresh talent like MADGRRL.

Out now on Mixed Kids Records, be sure to listen to Krewella and MADGRRL’s “No Control” and let us know what you think down below or on our socials!

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