Over here at Heard It Here First, we constantly keep our eyes and ears open for the hottest new up-and-comers. One we are eminently excited about comes from the state of Kentucky and is packing some serious heat. After an insane high-energy performance at Dubaween Music Festival, Raydium is proud to present his debut single “dayum”.

After discovering his love for bass music in 2018, Raydium diligently got to work producing and mixing. Before he knew it, he was bringing his unique stylings of drum and bass and dubstep to the stage. His most recent festival appearance took place at this year’s Dubaween in Nashville, Tennessee. Sharing the stage with an extensive list of talented artists such as EpromShlumpRavenscoonSmoakland, Tape B, and many more, he unleashed an epic drum and bass-fueled performance upon a sea of new fans.

Today, Raydium debuts his wickedly vivacious single “dayum”. Dark and tastefully sinister, this drum and bass heater is an absolute adventure. The track slowly eases you in with a rapidly increasing beat. Multiple layers of tempos and abstract sounds take over as the bass drops. The notes and bass trill through the track, accompanying each other and producing a beautifully unique composition. It feels as if “dayum” tells a story upon its journey. The context and destination are left for the listener to decide upon their own experience.

“The past few years have been a trial for us all. We’ve all changed in many ways, progressed, fallen back, gotten back up again, and there are a ton of us humans out here that are working tirelessly to turn their dreams into their reality. To me, this tune is about the reaction the people around you will have after seeing all of your passion and work pay off. I hope you all experience this tune in a way that brings more love, joy, and dancing into your lives! The beautiful thing about music though, especially in songs not containing many lyrics to tell the story, is every single one of us will interpret the song in our own unique way! I invite you to dive into “dayum” and experience it for yourself! Together we can all radiate light. – Raydium

The humble spirit and sheer talent of Raydium truly make him a shining star to watch in this ever-growing bass industry. After speaking with him, I’ve learned that his desire to spread awareness of others’ art as much as his own shows his appreciation for those that have and continue to inspire him throughout his career. He is one artist that you need to keep on the lookout for because his future is bright and he’s only just getting started!

Also, be sure to peep his full set from Dubaween on Youtube above! Blast your speakers and turn up because this is a treat from start to finish.

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