If you’ve been shouting about bringing Drum and Bass to the US, then you have most definitely been tuned into Echo Brown. One of the many emerging producers who are pushing the DnB wave in North America, Echo Brown has been working to bring the genre back to life. Alongside him are labels like InHabit Recordings, 1985 Music, Flight Pattern Records, and Lenzman’s The North Quarter where Echo Brown has found a home for his sound.

Now, Echo Brown is back with another prolific project, Midnight Static. The five-track EP tracks a progression in his sound, where each release has brought Echo Brown deeper into his liquid, soulful sound.

Tunes like the opener, “Motions,” showcase Echo Brown’s ability to marry complex feelings, melting melodies, and silver linings. Where tracks like “Kusanagi” flex snappy drums, fluid bass, and technical preciseness. Then there are efforts like “Melancholy” that tug on your heartstrings and comfort you in the same bar.

With the ability to recall his unique production style and effortlessly build upon it, Midnight Static is an authentic extension of the expression Echo Brown has been building.

Out now on The North Quarter, take a listen to Echo Brown’s Midnight Static EP, and be sure to let us know what you think down below or on our socials!

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