Last summer in a HIHF interview, TYNAN told us when he creates music he doesn’t like doing the same thing twice and tries to do something different each time he approaches a new tune. We see this to be proven true once again with his latest track, a flip of Alesia’sHyacinthus”.

The proof of TYNAN’s range is found in the vast array of labels that have scouted his diverse sound. He can be found on Dim Mak, Never Say Die, Bite This!, Deadbeats, Wakaan, Disciple, Monstercat, Subsidia and tons of other imprints. While themes of dark Trap and Bass run fluidly through all of his projects, TYNAN seems to find a way to reinvent himself with each and every release.

TYNAN’s flip of “Hyacinthus” starts with mystery and echoes, followed by glitches and pensive plucks. The track eerily creeps along until you are hit with deep, hypnotizing bass. The second drop comes around and turns your brain into cerebrum soup, simply put “sub bass go brrrr.”

What did you think of TYNAN’s flip of Alesia’s “Hyacinthus”? Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below or on our socials.

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