Two of the fastest rising artists of the new year, Moore Kismet and Pauline Herr fuse their feelings over a beautifully shattered love song, “Parallel Heartbreak”.

An open diary of self-doubt & second-guessing.

As we take a dive into the artists’ most sincere journal entries, we are gifted the vulnerability that isn’t always transparent through music. Our eyes are glued to the open pages of a “Parallel Heartbreak”. It renders the thorny feelings that churn in your stomach after melding your mind over a potential love interest. It showcases the heartache tied with the internal battle of self-worth and appreciation for those who courageously stray away from societal norms. When you’re not quite sure of what outcome to expect, a “Parallel Heartbreak” submerges deeper into the impending impact on your well-being.

A “Parallel Heartbreak“, the harsh reality of love & connection.

Parallel Heartbreak” unseals the track’s crease with harmonious keys of piano notes, gently followed by the soft and prevailing voice of Pauline Herr. Co-written by sad-pop sensation Tate McRae, the artists inflate the demo into something unreachable by any other music maker.

The broken-hearted ballad is intrinsically intertwined by all parties involved. The scenic build-up is tenderly toned with that translucent Moore Kismet breakdown. It’s nothing less expected, but something magically unimaginable from the charismatic creators we’ve grown to love.

Moore Kismet left us some insight in the track description on SoundCloud:

The story behind “Parallel Heartbreak” is a very long, challenging, but incredibly beautiful one. when Pauline and I first heard the original demo from Tate McRae and her co-writers, we knew that something special could be told with the lyricism and production. Pauline and I wanted to expand on the story she created by showing the perspective of a lover who feels a true connection to someone but has doubts about possibly getting with them at the risk of being brokenhearted. as a young queer person, it’s hard to figure out what may be best for you in a relationship. we truly hope that people can enjoy it and can hopefully relate to it in the same way we did when creating it together! <3” – Moore Kismet

We hope you’re enjoying “Parallel Heartbreak” from Moore Kismet and Pauline Herr just as much as we are. Let us know your thoughts on our socials linked at the bottom of the page and be sure to support Moore and Pauline on theirs!

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