Gramatik released his new EP recently, Water 4 The Soul II. This nine-track collection features a variety of artists alongside funky beats and fresh rhythms.

The EP opens on a funky note and utilizes the talents of Stehreo on “Wagmi”. This vocal-heavy jazz tune feels like a return to the days of Grizmatik and will undoubtedly leave your foot tapping and body moving.

The Ghosts of Piran” is an eerie head bopper with tons of personality. The tune is an excellent example of hip-hop influences that Gramatik has been able to master from years of steller music production.

Transitioning to a happy-go-lucky style of music, “Just a Scribbler”, features Nic Carter and feels bubbly and joyful. The playful style of bouncing rhythms combined with chirping piano melodies bring a smile to my face just listening.

Purple Queens” features Stehreo once again and is an homage to classic funk inspiration. This track brings the tempo and volume down to a tranquil minimum as the tune slowly fades into the pleasant sounds of nature.

Opening the second half of the project, “Chiaroscuro”, utilizes melodic chords on top of a philosophical vocal sample. Together, these create a pleasant atmosphere where funky fresh beats drive home the carefree nature of the track.

Next on the EP is “Get Movin’”, which recenters the project on jazzy loops and solos, before bringing the drumline back into the fold. The duality of peaceful note work and organized chaos bring this track to life.

Hodlers In Paris” steps up the tempo and incorporates a 90’s dance inspiration alongside funky riffs and rhythmic snares. That title must be a nod to crypto slang ‘hodl,’ basically meaning hold, don’t sell your investment. Gramatik is very big into the crypto world and it wouldn’t surprise us if that is the case.

In pleasant contrast, “Mas Tranquilo”, kicks off with a bouncy piano solo as an evolution of jazz comes to fruition. Eventually the track sprouts into a bouncy collection of quietly chaotic lyricism, guitar, and piano, all coming together in beautiful bliss. This must be a follow up to his previous classic tracks  “Tranquilo” and “Muy Tranquilo.”

The EP closes out on an electronic note with “Synthopia”, featuring Luxas. The tune is reminiscent of world bass style of electronic music, by mixing atmospheric echoes with digitized chords, and bringing one closer to nature.

We hope you’re enjoying Gramatik’s funky new EP, Water 4 The Soul II, as much as we are! Be sure to let us know what you think of the new project on our socials as well as show some support to Gramatik on his socials also linked below!

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