Wavecraft Collective has been rapidly gaining the attention of bass enthusiasts with an impressive roster of talented artists. In 2017, the label was brought to life by a group of producers, including FryarHoumanDugosh, and Young Ghost. Providing underground producers a platform to expand their careers and talents, they have built a community of like-minded individuals with a diverse selection of tasty bass. Today, the Wavecraft collective has released their most extensive project of 2022, “Book Of Shadows: Chapter One”. A nine-track album featuring their in-house artists, it proudly displays the label’s diversity and vision coming forth with a strong emphasis on dark, sinister vibes sure to bathe your mind in bass.

Every track is unique in showcasing each artist’s talents. Kicking off the album is “Heartbeat” by Mahsiv. Slowly drawing you in with a gradual intro and immediately diving the listener into a bass-heavy synth wave. “Heartbeat” was an excellent choice to commence the collaborative album with its vast array of rhythmic change-ups and distinctive use of masterfully crafted abstract sounds.

Perhaps one of the most sinister tracks on “Book Of Shadows: Chapter One” is “The Shadows” by WerD. The track begins, and a sense of uneasiness takes hold as a dark and mysterious voice greets you with an ominous “welcome”. The pace picks up, and deep low-end bass takes hold as it pulls you into the shadows. Rising and declining through the synths, from calm to intense, this track is a rollercoaster of emotions in the best way possible.

Boasting an almost overwhelming level of bass, “Move” by MarshedBass features impressive syncopation of rhythms layered over deep dirty beats. The track is so tastefully weird with a smooth creeping beat accompanied by snares and a bass-line capable of inducing the stankiest of bass faces. The repetitive vocals inMove” delivers a wonderfully grimy feel to the album.

Finishing off the album is “Never Saw The Light” by Young Ghost, which takes it into a slightly different direction with a faster bpm than the rest of the tracks yet still equally chilling. This track is as intimidating as it is suspenseful.  Reminiscent of a chase scene in a horror film, you feel as if your journey is coming to a close, and you are finally making your hair-raising escape from “The Book Of Shadows”. 

All in all, Wavecraft Collective is getting ready to pull out the big guns in 2022 with the release of “Book Of Shadows: Chapter One”. A showcase of what they are capable of and what they are passionate about, this album is surefire going to be a hit. Throw on your pashmina, turn the bass up to max, and get ready to take things to the next level as you wub out to the sinister sounds of Wavecraft Collective “Book Of Shadows: Chapter One”.

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