A perfect follow-through for her last jazzy and groovy release “3 A.M. Heartbreak,” Denver-based Yoko delivers a remarkably cohesive three-part EP with “Where The Ferns Are.” The EP comes off of the DC-based label, The Gradient Perspective, which has provided a constant stream of new sounds from the underground straight to our ears. 

The EP opens with its namesake, “Where The Ferns Are,” and immediately brings you into a scene deep in a forest with pan pipes being blown and crickets chirping in the background. Soulful vocals come to the front as the song swells before being accompanied by classy saxophone and reesey bass runs. 

Weeping Willow” chills things out even more. It has roots in deep dub with a delectable palette of wubs, while building intrigue with each melodic element entering and dispersing. The song feels as if you are wandering around a pond with a mild concern that you may be lost. 

 The final song “Dreams of Wisteria,” is driven by an uplifting mantra. The drums have a more breaky and live feel to them. This one stands out for its starkness and use of silence, while also making good use of Yoko’s quintessential wubs heard throughout each track on this EP. 

Yoko brings a variety of different energies in Where The Ferns Are. Each song is distinctly rooted in deep dub, but where deep dub tends to be darker she brings a more introspective and soulful style. Looking forward to new music from her as well as what else The Gradient Perspective has in store for us in 2022. 

Crates I’m Putting This Into: Sacred Rave Cave, Cold Tempo, Blue

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