HEYZ is coming back swinging with his new single, “Touched,” featuring Ina Bravo. With roots in techno, this producer from Greensboro, NC has had quite the wild ride. His life has been steeped in music from an early age, and after catching the attention of none other than the notorious deadmau5‘s mau5trap label, HEYZ really caught the fire and saw things take off. Since then, he has turned to a more bass-driven sound, snagging releases on notable labels such as Circus Records, Jauz’s Bite This!, and Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats.

This newest release follows the debut of his “Who Is HEYZ” EP in 2021, which made massive waves and cemented his standing in the bass community. We had the opportunity to get exclusive insight into the new single “Touched”, here’s what HEYZ had to say:

“First of all, I love this song a lot and I think you will too. ‘Touched’ Is a great representation of where I’m going with my music in 2022. It’s euphoric, powerful, memorable, melodic, and hits really hard. That “put your hands in the air, firework blasting, confetti cannon energy, you know? I actually got these vocals from Ina Bravo 2 years ago, and what I wrote with them the first go around was so bad…I just wasn’t as good at making music back then. When I revisited them 6 months ago, ya boi just started pumping out fire…now here we are with a killer track. I have a lot of music in store for this year that I’m really proud of…legit think it’s my best stuff ever even though I always say that, but this time I’m FOR REAL. ‘Touched’ is a great way to kick off 2022, which will CERTAINLY, NO DOUBT, EVERYBODY KNOWS IT…be the year of HEYZ :). Do you ever just wanna be touched?” – HEYZ

“Touched” is the kind of track that you turn on to happy dance when you’re driving down the freeway on a beautiful day. The positivity is palpable and it exudes a certain contagious electricity. It starts out with a building vocal melody before diving into a synth-driven vortex, moving the listener along in the musical journey. This masterfully crafted track is a captivating listen from start to finish and we can’t wait to see what else this promising producer has in store for 2022!

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