Canadian-born Dubai-dwelling producer Khardiac is coming out with a bang in 2022 with his monstrous Bass House track “Power,” out today off of the underground hub Nightenjin Records. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Khardiac, please allow us at Heard It Here First to introduce you.

Khardiac has been officially releasing tunes since 2018 and in that time has refused to box himself into a single genre. He has put out songs that lean into Trance, House, Bass, Bass House, Psytrance, and every combination of those. This diverse discography has helped him hone his skills, allowing him to produce in a number of different areas and culminating with completely different vibes. His flexibility as a producer gave rise to his latest creation, Power“.

Power” is really the blending of two separate vibes. One at the 128 bpm level and then another at 145 bpm. When discussing the idea that turned into this song, Khardiac gave us the following quote:

“The infusion of multiple styles of dance music has been the idea behind this track for a while, infusing the slower bass house/Dub house sound with my Psy Trance sound.”

– Khardiac

He executed this infusion with a deft hand as those are two BPM levels that many would describe as simply “not a fit”. The thought of mixing this song in a set is intimidating for sure, but the journey that “Power” takes the listener on is well worth the effort.

The song kicks off with a lead in a female vocal section which then builds and releases into a pulsing bass house drop. It rides into the bridge and then builds and releases into a psytrance adjacent drop in the third minute. Khardiac mentions that for his creative process he likes to begin with the idea of a drop and then build the rest of the song from there. The focus on those specific sections is clearly visible in this track where the diversity of drop is unique but not incoherent.

This one is a heavy hitter and ensures that Khardiac remains on our watch lists for the rest of 2022. Check out “Power” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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