Oddprophet is a household name in the world of heavy dubstep, and his most recent release, “Angels and Blindfolds” reminds us all of why his reputation is well deserved. With releases like his Oracle EP and “Flex” with Vulgatron on Never Say Die records, Oddprophet has established himself as a heavy bass producer that brings innovative sound design and incredible energy to both his sets and his releases. His newest track is an instant classic that proves once again the brilliance of Never Say Die’s golden boy.

Oddprophet’s most recent single, “Angels and Blindfolds,” is a heavy stomper that invokes metal elements with aggressive guitar riffs and high-energy drums, which pair brilliantly with a monstrous bassline. This dubstep anthem is sure to break necks wherever it is played out.

A synth line opens the track, swiftly being joined by a growling, low guitar riff that leads us into the drop, heavy basslines and drums coupled with the continuing guitar riff and a heavily distorted vocal sample to give us a dubstep banger for the ages. His most recent release represents an innovative shift in his production style, while also retaining his trademark sound, and simultaneously drawing on the influence of other genres. This forward-thinking approach is refreshing, and “Angels and Blindfolds”‘ crushing, savage sound has us all looking forward to the next tune from this iconic dubstep producer.

What did you think of “Angels and Blindfolds”? Have you heard it played out live? Check out the track via the links below and let us know what you think on our socials or in the comments!

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