Two of the most iconic names in bass music have joined forces to create a soundscape made of pure ecstasy. GRiZ and CloZee fuse their elements of funk and experimental bass in their captivating new collaboration, “Color Of Your Soul.” For those of you lucky enough to have attended GRiZ‘s curated event Space Camp, in Hampton, VA, you’ll recall the magical moment GRiZ brought CloZee out on stage to unveil the collaboration to a sea of awestruck fans.

Grant Richard Kwiecinski, better known to the EDM world as GRiZ, has come a long way since his days of smashing the funk. While remaining true to his roots, the young artist has continually shown his ability to push boundaries and create music outside his norm. Paired with the queen of experimental bass music, GRiZ and CloZee are a match made in heaven, creating a unique work of art that perfectly highlights each artist’s remarkable talents and brings them front and center.

For GRiZ, this follows his Rainbow Brain album and his collaboration with Subtronics, “Griztronics II.” For CloZee, it follows her Nouvelle Era EP as well as her feature on 9 Theory‘s “The Courage To Fall In Love Again.”

As “Color Of Your Soul” begins, a state of serenity takes over, and you feel entranced in the beauty of the music. Rapidly accelerating in pace, you can see the colors the two artists paint as GRiZ and CloZee take you on a journey of groovy organic sounds. Synthwaves and heart-thumping bass flow through your body as you feel your eyes closing and goosebumps rush over your skin. They then bring you back down to Earth for a brief moment before the second drop, and a wave of pure joy pours over you as it comes to an end.

“Color of Your Soul” perfectly captures the spirit of these two artists with the funky grooves of GRiZ and the earthly soundscapes we love from CloZee. This track will forever hold a special place in our hearts as it will always bring us back to the special moment and love shared at Space Camp.

Strap on your best headphones, fall into a trance, and be whisked away by GRiZ and CloZee to the “Color Of Your Soul.” Let us know your thoughts on the magical new collaboration in the comments below or on our social media!

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